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Construction workers real-name system to accelerate the pace of construction industry reform
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With the implementation of the "Measures for the Management of Construction Workers' Real Name System (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures"), the construction industry has officially entered the era of workers' real name system. The document ended the history of the construction industry's “one thousand people, the same face” for many years, and the frontline employees began to enter the “industrial workers” sequence. No matter from which point of view, this is a far-reaching big event.
"People-oriented" benefits ordinary employees
      The construction industry has more than 50 million employees, which is the second largest labor industry in China after manufacturing. Subject to the industrial employment system, in the past few decades, the basic quality of the construction industry in China has not only improved the overall quality, but also the basic rights and interests are often not guaranteed. At present, most young people are reluctant to engage in the construction industry, and the problem of labor shortage is outstanding. Most general contracting enterprises are reluctant to reserve their own laborers, and a large number of skilled workers have turned to various construction sites. There is always no sense of belonging; the reform of labor service system is slow, labor subcontracting It is difficult for enterprises to withdraw from the market in the short term... This is one of the practical obstacles facing the further development of the construction industry. The key to breaking these obstacles lies in solving the "identity" problem of construction workers, especially migrant workers. To put it simply, the first problem for migrant workers to become industrial workers is not to upgrade their abilities, but to help them get rid of the "migrant workers" cloak, integrate them into the city, and have the same social status as manufacturing workers.
      In the "Administrative Measures", a large amount of space is about protecting the rights and interests of construction workers, such as emphasizing the signing of labor contracts according to law, conducting basic safety training, paying wages in full monthly, and smoothing channels for safeguarding rights. This shows that the protection mechanism for migrant workers' rights and interests will be further established, and the chaos in the construction labor market will be gradually curbed, and the future development environment of the industry will continue to improve.
Building a foundation for modern enterprise management
      The implementation of the real-name system of construction workers is fully promoted by the state and industry authorities, but in the final analysis, this is also the most in line with the requirements of enterprise transformation and development, and is one of the important measures for enterprises to transform into modern management.
      Experts believe that the extensive development of the construction industry in the past was "all-round", not only reflected in the backwardness of production methods, but also in the backwardness of management concepts and reform consciousness. During the pilot system of construction workers' real-name system, some enterprises lacked the understanding and lack of attention. They often used the lack of management personnel and insufficient funds as an excuse. They did not implement the real-name system. The general trend of transformation in the whole industry has fallen behind, for further reform. Hidden hidden dangers. Enterprises should realize that the real-name reform of construction workers is an important part of the comprehensive deepening reform of the construction industry. The “resistance” of enterprises in this reform is essentially the external manifestation of the leader's falling into the established thinking mode and adhering to the extensive development model. In essence, real-name system can not only protect the interests of construction workers, but also protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, improve project management level, and build corporate brand image. It is the only way to transform into a modern enterprise, and enterprises should not be short-sighted.
      In the early pilot process, the most complete implementation of the construction worker's real-name system is the majority of central enterprises and some private construction enterprises with advanced awareness. These enterprises have already made advances in the transformation and development, in order to meet the new round of development opportunities. Well prepared enough.
A key step in industry reform
      The state and industry authorities have a clear understanding of how to promote the construction of the construction industry workers and how to accelerate the high-quality development of the construction industry, with a clear strategic layout.
      From the perspective of the development of the whole industry, the real-name system reform of construction workers is a key measure to establish a new era of industrial workers; and the construction of industrial workers is an important foundation for building a "China-built" brand. Therefore, the importance of the real-name reform of construction workers for the reform and development of the construction industry is self-evident.
      With the advancement of this reform, the national construction worker management service information platform data will be docked with the national construction market supervision public service platform, providing a solid support for the industry to achieve leap from extensive management to refined management. The foundation for standardized development.
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