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Big ship shows "magic skills"
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China Railway Construction News reporter Xiao Bin correspondent Ye Liya

April 18, 2020 2nd edition report

"Why, it takes more than 11 million cubic meters of soil to be dug in 120 days?" Although the time and task of the Xiaoqinghe resumption project in Shandong were tightly heard before coming, it can be regarded as the 4th bid of the Xiaoqinghe resumption project of China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau Liu Dongxin, the excavator driver of the third branch of the project department, heard the technician at the scene saying that he still took a breath when he wanted to complete the 23-meter-wide channel expansion before June 30.
    Liu Dongxin is 44 years old and has been driving excavators for 9 years. He is a veritable "old driver". After learning the construction plan of the project, Liu Dongxin, the "old driver", settled the book. An ordinary excavator can dredge 50 cubic meters per hour. Based on 16 effective operating hours per day, the maximum daily dredging is 800 cubic meters. To ensure that the "6 · 30" node target task is completed on schedule, at least 115 excavators are required to work continuously for 120 days, which makes Lao Liu feel pressured.
    The Xiaoqing River Reconstruction Project built by old Liu Shen is the number one emergency flood control project in Shandong Province this year. The project requires dredging 169.2 kilometers of waterways, building or rebuilding 4 ship locks, 36 bridges, and transforming 77 water conservancy, pipeline, cable and other facilities. The water conservancy departments of Jinan, Zibo, Binzhou, Dongying and Weifang along the Xiaoqing River are carrying out flood prevention and drainage construction on the banks. Simply relying on increasing the number of excavators to increase the dredging capacity will inevitably result in large-scale cross-strait operations on both sides of the strait, affecting overall construction efficiency.
    Faced with this problem, the China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau Xiaoqing River Resumption Project 4 Project Department gave full play to the advantages of hydraulic engineering, abandoning the thinking of small machinery, combined with the Xiaoqing River Resurgence Project 4 tender section, the river surface width is 48 meters to 100 meters Between the actual depth of 2 meters to 5 meters, from the domestic deployment of dredgers suitable for inland waterway construction, the use of cutter-suction vessels is mainly used for water operations, and the excavator is supplemented by land and water excavation, which greatly reduces land The number of excavators on board quickly increased the daily capacity of channel dredging.
    "Take this" Tianrun No. 6 "cutter suction vessel, its maximum power is 4,600 kilowatts, the displacement of clean water is 10,000 cubic meters per hour, and it can cutter and suction 1500 cubic meters of sediment in one hour. In one day, it can easily process 36000 cubic meters of sediment in a day, which is equivalent to the workload of 30 excavators throughout the day. "Wu Bing, secretary of the Party Working Committee and project leader of the project department.
    Up to now, the project department has entered 23 cutter suction vessels and 10 piled vessels, equipped with 4 amphibious excavators, 135 long booms and ordinary excavators. After full horsepower is used, a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters of sediment will be formed per day.
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Reporter Xiao Bin Correspondent Ye Liya
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